Sport & salute

Per quanto  riguarda lo sport ai  nostril clienti  offriamo una grande possibilita di praticare il loro sport
Habbiamo grande scelta nei campi di Golf un Tennis Club con  7 Campi di Tennis ,anche passeggiate ed gite in mntagne ,gite Ciclistiche sono anche nel nostro programma
Naturalmente ci occupiamo  per la vostra salute nel nostro Beauty-Centro reparto dove troviamo
Vari Trattamenti e Massagi

The international renowned Sunball tennis school offers a large and professional tennis service with:
  • Individual, partner or group lessons for all levels from beginner to tournament players
  • Special lessons and courses for kids and teenies
  • Weekly guest tournaments
  • Weekly special group lessons to try
  • Babolat and Wilson racket rental and sales
  • Restringing service
  • Show match exhibition
  • Tennis Evenings
  • For further information:
Sunball is the largest european tennis school in tourism with bases in 9 countries (Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Tunisia, Croatia, Egypt, Germany). The Sunball coaches have international training licences and a strong playing ability and speak different languages.
The modern training philosophy is based on the ITF and DTB Play & Stay concept with a very practical easy learning system.

Via de Melesigeni s/n · Tel: 971 84 10 11 fax: 971 84 10 14